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DOX # 98

DOX # 98


Editorial: Focus of the issue: reworking history and the possibilities of interactive documentary

Sound series: part 1: Sound designer Peter Albrechtsen looks at the craftsmanship behind the soundscape of Zidane,  A 21st Century Portrait 

In focus: Patricio Guzmán: Patricio Guzmán discusses the fundamental role of documentary in relation to memory, history and poetry

Favourites: Programmer of Sheffield Doc/Fest, Hussain Currimbhoy, shares his favourite films from the last year of docs

Interactive series: Part 1: Documentary filmmaker Suvi Andrea Helminen visits SXSW and looks at some of the challenges inherent in interactive storytelling

Visions du Réel: The Wagner Files: On the 200th anniversary of his birth, Richard Wagner’s life and work are transformed into a transmedia project

Photo series: Sata: Sophie Winquist frames her Cuban images with inspiration from wasp-striped hot pants

IFFR: Documentary performance: Willemien Sanders debates self construction  in documentary

Hot Docs 20th Anniversary: Part 1: Marc Glassman provides a historical overview of the founding years of Hot Docs

Hot Docs: Case Study: Director Linda Västrik shares her incredible tale of the making of Forest of the Dancing Spirits 

Essay: New Chinese documentary: Chinese documentary challenges the authorities’ power over the past

Sundance Film Festival: Documents from the US: Politics, economics, and the Occupy Movement are the focus of a cluster of documentaries this year

EDN News

To the Wolf
The Spirit of ´45
Alma – A Tale of Violence
Mirage Men
Dummy Jim
17.000 Islands
Mama Europa

Excerpt: Killer Images: Killer Images published in 2012, edited by Joram Ten Brink and Joshua Oppenheimer, explores different aspects of cinema’s relationship to violence. We bring an excerpt from the book

DVD: El Olvido: Pamela Cohn talks to director Heddy Honigmann about her work with El Olvido

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