DOX #99


Editorial: Focus of the issue: The frame – political, social, or mental – that define, limit or challenge the stories, we tell

Sound series: part 2: Sound designer Peter Albrechtsen goes down the sonic side of memory lane

In focus: Alan BerlinerAlan Berliner’s personal style of filmmaking is challenged in the face of the Turkish uprising

65 Years of Łódz Film School: Here the present and past, fiction and documentary, work as one

Favourites: Festival director of CPH:DOX, Tine Fischer, shares her favourite films from the last year of docs

Interactive series: Part two: Documentary filmmaker Suvi Andrea Helminen looks at the relationship between form and content in interactive storytelling

State of Docs: Turkey: Turkish documentary flourishes in an increasingly polarized political climate

Photo Series: Tennger: Diego Zapatero has captured the beauty of the Tennger people amid the volcanic landscape of East Java

Transmedia: Nicolo Gallio takes a look at the various strategies of a series of transmedia initiatives, workshops and projects

Report: Burma: Peter Wintonick’s journal from the First Human Rights Human Dignity International Film Festival in Burma.

Hot Docs 20TH Anniversary: Part two: Marc Glassman provides a historical look at the years during which HotDocs grew into a major international documentary event

State of Docs: Russia: Film critic Victoria Belpolsky offers an insight into the paradoxical system of Russian state funding for documentary

Sheffield Doc Fest: Case Study: Renowned film editor Walter Murch shares his work process in the making of Particle Fever

State of Docs: Greece: Former general manager at ERT, Kostas Spiropoulos, delivers an analysis of the implosion of Greek public TV

New Cinema at the Sensory Ethnography lab: The punk child of art and academia.

Essay: Indian documentaries: Film critic Meenakshi Shedde sheds some light on the production, reception and perception of Indian documentaries from an Indian POV

Hilton – Here for Life!
The Shadow
Velvet Terrorists

DVD in this issue: DOX:LAB: Pamela Cohn talks to some of the directors involved in three picks from the DOX:LAB productions: Accidentes Gloriosos, Resistente and Girl in the Water

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