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Casino and roulette documentaries

We know that the real roulette wheelers not only play for play but we are interested to know a little more about what goes behind all these roulette systems, all the technology, science, physics and what in general involves the world of casinos and especially online roulette. That’s why today we want to leave you a series of videos about online gambling, gambling, roulette, online casinos, and so on. It is a lot of very relevant information that will serve us to learn about roulette, how to win roulette, how the most excellent experts on this subject have done, that one of them is, of course, the gran García Pelayo.

In this way, we can use the knowledge of others and the experience of others as far as roulette is concerned, so that we can learn and make fewer mistakes. In these documentaries and roulette videos, we will see the most successful cases, but not only that but also the least successful, the biggest failures of gamblers in casinos and roulette. Without further ado, we will, therefore, present the documentaries in question.

Documentaries and roulette and casino

The life of the players in the casinos, with a large part dedicated to the Pelayo family and their pupils, like Juan Carlos Mortensen himself, world champion of poker.
Las Vegas, fake city

A documentary about the life and world of casinos in Las Vegas. A complicated world and one has to be very smart not to be ruined.

Just as video game books are an increasingly frequent source of media documentation and analysis, the documentary is another form of growth analysis and research. A double opportunity: first because the video game is an audiovisual medium, so easily adaptable to the format of the documentarists; secondly, because it is usually a perfect opportunity to put a face to developers and creatives that we only know through their works.

Thus, the spirit of this article is not to arrive at an exhaustive list of a medium as full as that of the documentary, but simply to review some recent ones, and especially easily accessible on the web.

One of the most popular and recommended documentary series of today is Double Fine Adventure. Tim Schafer and his team pioneered the Kickstarter platform with a very ambitious goal. The result of this initiative, in addition to making micro-sponsorship a valid funding channel for many subsequent developments, was the creation of Broken Age and the series of Double Fine Adventure videos as a record of the entire process. Chapter by chapter you access Double Fine’s guts, and all the problems and opportunities this Kickstarter gave you, as well as taking proximity to a figure as relevant as Tim Schafer’s.

Because it tends to be the development teams themselves that create much of the most exciting documentaries based on development journals, the Hellblade, which is approximate to about twenty in total, they represent one of those cases of particular interest, because it is also a production project, a very particular one: in the first place for being an indie high-budget, and in the second term by putting on the table the mental health as the central theme. Ninja Theory had specialists from leading universities to arrive at a reliable and beneficial interpretation of mental disorders, which is reflected in their videos.

Another excellent example of a documentary created from inside is that of Naughty Dog for the company’s 30th anniversary. A video of interviews with PlayStation managers, such as Shuhei Yoshida, as well as with the central studio managers, provided a first-hand tour of the Uncharted team. A study that was made known with Crash Bandicoot, but that before reaching the development of Bandicoot had already done significant work that today is unknown.

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